Monday, 14 July 2014

Don't Hate Us - A Plea to Society.

This government is a despicable, twisted, power hungry, evil, heartless, clueless, bunch of people!

Unfortunately, they have been given the job of deciding what happens to some of the most vulnerable, disabled, and ill people in society...and they are making us suffer, even more than we do already.

They get a kick out of it.

They think that disabled, ill, and vulnerable are worthless 'scroungers' who take off society, and give nothing back. 

The Department for Work and Pensions have doctored benefit 'fraud' figures, and along with other areas of government, drip fed story after story, and LIE after LIE to the media. 

Programmes have been made (and edited in a certain way), to MAKE YOU HATE US TOO, and to make you believe that those lies are the truth!

When we speak out, we are shut down, and protesters are arrested, simply for standing up for ourselves, and other vulnerable people, who are not in a position to speak for themselves.

In television coverage, (that which we have been able to get), we have been shouted down. 

When Owen Jones tried to read out, (on the BBC), the names of just SOME of the people that have DIED as a result of Welfare Reform, Iain Duncan Smith, himself, shouted over Mr Jones, so that those names could not be heard!

You are NOT being the truth about people on benefits. You have repeatedly been fed lies, and misinformation.

Little words like 'strivers' versus 'shirkers' and the emphasis on 'hard working', 'achieving' people. Little words that have done an awful lot of damage - all by design!

It makes people (instinctively) make comparisons. It is a well known tactic called 'divide and rule'. By pointing out (and emphasising) the differences between those who 'work' and those who 'don't', they make you view us with suspicion, and hate us!

They have spread the idea that benefit claimants are 'lazy' and 'feckless.' We get 'something for nothing' while YOU go out and 'work hard' to 'pay' for us. Sound familiar?

The reality is, that most people on benefits don't want to be there. I did not choose my Cerebral Palsy. I didn't choose not to be able to walk, (or stand),unaided. I did not choose (almost) constant pain, and exhaustion.

Disability and illness are NOT lifestyle choices! We suffer and struggle and 'strive', more than the average person.

Every day is a constant battle against limitations, and pain, that we did not ask for...and yet WE are being treated like scum, and vilified by our government!

They tell us we can 'get a job' - like it's that easy! Even before the recession, employers were reluctant to take on disabled people. Now, they are even less inclined to do so! 

There are very few jobs for those that have the luxury of being 'able bodied' - never mind for those of us, that aren't.

This government wants you to forget that WE ARE PEOPLE, and we deserve our place in society, just like everybody else does. 

We are worth something, and yet, we are having our lives systematically destroyed, and the rights, and independence we have fought our entire lives for, taken away. 

Please don't let them do it! Please don't let them make YOU hate US!



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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this.....you speak for many of us. x (Shared and tweeted)

  3. I would never hate those people who have been treated in such a dreadful way.

  4. I agree - this shouldn't be how government treat the most vulnerable