Thursday, 31 July 2014

What Have We Become?!

You'll have to excuse me, but I'm a little confused. 

I don't wish to appear heartless, because I'm far from that, but how come there's a 'public outcry' when a soldier dies after his benefits were stopped, but thousands and thousands of disabled and ill people have died, for the same reason, and society turns a blind eye?! 

My heart goes out to him, and his family, of course, but how is that reaction supposed to make us feel?

Here's the story:


Disabled and ill people fight nobody knows about, every single day. 
Where is the 'public outcry' for US?! 

Seemingly, it's OK, that disabled and ill people are suffering and dying, because we are just useless, worthless 'scroungers'...right?! 

What it really comes down to, is that no one should be dying of hunger, anywhere, no matter who they are. The fact that people are suffering, and dying at all, as a result of government policy, cannot and must not be overlooked!

It doesn't matter if we are soldiers, or people on benefits. We are people, and members of society. We deserve compassion, dignity and support when we need it. We don't ask for much, just the same chances as others. 

It is easy to forget that anyone's life can change in a split second. 

One day, you could lose your job, become ill or disabled, and need help. I hope the safety net is there for you, but as this tragic story (and thousands of others show), that safety net is being stripped away, from those that need it most.

What does it say about us, as a society when caring for those in need, becomes too much to ask? 


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