Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Lib Dems Withdraw Their Support For Bedroom Tax - A Short Response

I couldn't believe it, when I heard (last night), that the Lib Dems had withdrawn their support for the hated, 'Bedroom Tax.'
I admit to feeling a sense of relief - for a second or so, and then reality kicked in. It is just words, and it's words, that for many vulnerable, ill, poor, and disabled people, have come too late.

Then, the all to familiar anger came back, and I got a knot in my stomach.

NO ONE should forget WHO voted 'yes' to Bedroom Tax and Welfare Reform, in the first place! Without the Lib Dems say so, the pain, suffering, and DEATH we are going through, would not have happened!

NO ONE should forget either, that they IGNORED our repeated pleas, for the Bedroom Tax, to be stopped...!
WE gave them evidence, over and over, and yet, they continued to endorse the policy - until now.

Lastly, NO ONE should forget that the General Election is getting closer! EVERY promise that ANY party makes, should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Have the Lib Dems suddenly finally discovered their collective conscience?! 


I think they are on their way down, and they know it! It seems to me, they are just trying to minimise the damage.

Whatever they do now, (hopefully), history will view that party for exactly what it is. 

The party that enabled the Tories to make the lives of disabled, ill, and vulnerable people in this country, a living hell!

They can try all they like to distance themselves from the pain, poverty, anxiety, misery and death that they've caused, by performing a few, (conveniently timed) U- turns, but WE won't forget!

Sorry, the REAL damage has been done, - to OUR lives!


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