Sunday, 27 July 2014

Write Again (2014 Edit)

She's back, 
She says that she's OK, 
No more obstacles
In her way.
She can even write again.

I'm back,
I've told them 
what they want to hear, 
While inside I drown
In unshed tears.
I've told them I can write again.

She's back
And she is feeling fine,
She just needed
A little time.
We're relieved that she can write again.

I'm back, 

I've told them all is well, 
But they don't know
How far I fell.
I wish that I could write again.

She's back, you know, 

And she is strong,
About time we feel,
Its been so long.
We're happy she can write again.

I'm back 

And I confess
I have been lying,
Because you wouldn't want to see me crying,
Though I know, I'm nearly right again.

She's back
We thought she was before,
But she cried alone,
When she closed the door.
We hope she can feel all right again.

I'm back you know
I'm on top form,
I've fought the battle,
Braved the storm. 

Now, I can really write again. 

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